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Built in 1953

Our building was the recipient of the 2010 Prince Albert Municipal Heritage Award and in the same year was featured in Worth Magazine. It has also been presented by the architects for several architectural awards.

The building was originally constructed in 1953 as the Main Branch of the Bank of Montréal and was used by the Bank from that date until May 2008 when it was purchased by what is now Novus Law Group. Renovations ensued until March 27th 2009, at which time the building was reopened as the main office of the Law Group's predecessor.

Novus Law Heritage Building

The interior of the building has two prominent design features -- four expansive windows on the north side of the main floor and the volume of the interior space. Novus Law Group has conserved the heritage value of the property by not removing, replacing or substantially altering its character-defining elements. The historical concept of an open space with offices around the perimeter was maintained.

The alterations which had been undertaken by the Bank over the years had in fact eroded away much of the original character of the building.  The main character defining elements of the property have not only been maintained but have been returned to their original states. No elements have been added which might create a false sense of historical development, and no exterior additions have been made to the property during this restoration in order to maintain the iconic nature of this downtown landmark.