A history of excellence.

Novus Law Group represents the coming together in July of 2015 two prominent and well-respected law firms in the City of Prince Albert -- Holash, Logue, McCullagh Law Office and Wilcox and Chovin Law Office. By doing so, we become a premier law firm servicing not only Prince Albert and north, but the Province of Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole. We have together established an enterprise of excellent and highly skilled lawyers and staff who can address all of your individual legal requirements, and we believe in offering specialized and high-quality legal services to all clients of our firm.

The former Holash, Logue, McCullagh Law Office represents one of the historical cornerstone law offices in not only the City of Prince Albert, but in the Province of Saskatchewan. For many decades, the office known then as Harradence Longworth Law Office saw pass through its doors as partners and lawyers some of Canada's premiere legal minds. The impact of this office on the legal history for the Province of Saskatchewan has, over the years, been truly staggering. Countless lawyers from that office would go on to receive Queen's Counsel designations, and many more were appointed as Judges to the various levels of Court in our Province. Most recently, the Holash Logue McCullagh Law Office received the paNOW Best of the Best Award as Best Law Firm in Prince Albert for 2015, with Mitchell Holash Q.C. being awarded the Best of the Best Award for Best Lawyer that same year. The following year, Joleen McCullagh received the Best of the Best Award for Best Family Law Lawyer.

Our Building's Heritage >
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The Wilcox and Chovin Law Office was the successor to the firm that originally came into being through an amalgamation of offices in 1994. Ron Mills Q.C., Barry Wilcox Q.C., and Lyle Zuk Q.C., practiced law under the firm name of Mills-Wilcox-Zuk until the appointment of Mr. Justice Mills to the Court of Queen's Bench in 2005. The firm continued under the style of Wilcox-Zuk Law Office until January of 2008, when Greg Chovin joined the partnership then known as Wilcox - Zuk - Chovin, which it remained until the appointment of Mr. Justice Zuk to the Court of Queen's Bench in December of 2013. The Wilcox-Zuk-Chovin Law Office was the recipient of the Samuel Adams Business of the Year in 2009 and received the Samuel Adams Investment Award that same year, while also being a finalist for the Samuel Adams Job Creation Award both in 2009 and 2011. Wilcox-Zuk-Chovin was also awarded the 2013 Prince Albert Daily Herald Award as the Best Law Firm in Prince Albert.

Novus Law Group has a broad spectrum of lawyers, varying in experience from recent call to the bar to seasoned counsel with 30 plus years of experience. We are committed to bringing Lawyers from our city, back to our city, to flourish in a firm dedicated to mentorship and community. Many of our Partners and lawyers grew up in Prince Albert and have now returned to practice here on a long-term basis. Prince Albert has always produced a host of great young legal talent and we are very excited to be able to offer them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and expertise in their home community. We at Novus Law Group are a family-oriented firm who understands the importance of the balance between family and work. Our Firm is committed to the community of Prince Albert and to the Province of Saskatchewan as a whole.

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As part of our ongoing commitment to provide specialized legal services in the most efficient and effective manner available within the industry, Novus Law Group is very technologically oriented, and considerable investment has been made to ensure that we remain on the cutting edge within our industry. We believe that our investment in technology allows us to remain efficient and competitive as well as contributing to the high quality of our work.

We are a progressive and aggressive Firm that nonetheless remains deeply rooted in the history of our community. We are likewise a Firm which strongly believes in the growth potential of the Prince Albert area. Novus Law Group is a Firm which is committed to the community of Prince Albert, as it is this community which defines who we are.