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Our corporate department has recently implemented the program, Corporate Manager, by Emergent Technologies. This technology allows for the tracking of all corporate documents as well as the seamless preparation of all annual reporting requirements.

The department is well versed in all aspects of both the Canadian and Saskatchewan Business Corporation Act. Both lawyers have been in charge of several major corporate sales in the range of several million dollars, both by way of the sale of assets and the sale of shares in but still are passionate towards both startup and established small businesses.

Barry is also involved in the area of commercial finance. We act for numerous Banks and Credit Unions as well as their many corporate clients and other types of financial institution. This team also has experience in excess of 60 years in the area of the preparation of security documentation.

Barry regularly includes the other junior counsel in their work in this area in order to broaden individual expertise of the younger lawyers.

Whether our clients are looking to start a small business or are involved in a multimillion dollar sale, we can provide the expertise to accomplish the goal, in a supportive and informative environment.